There will be a system of blended learning collaboratively planned by partners offering their specific expertise in online courses and platforms. Objectives, milestones, outcomes and working documents will be posted for all members on the intranet. Finished products will be made available online.

Each module will have a team with members from each partner organization. They will meet online as needed during the period of module development and later for feedback on implementation. In addition to the Launching, there will be four face to face meetings: three in the Philippines and one in Europe to jointly revisit and contrast the different elements of the program with European colleagues.

Contributions will be circulated online to the members attending the Teachers Training sessions. For each module, main lines, literature, a repository of practices, methodologies, materials,activities and real examples from the 15 clusters themselves will be posted on the FORTH platform.

In between training meetings will be a time of intense preparation, contrast and Master and clusters development, creation of materials and evaluation of received results. This methodology of work is a system of concentrated activities. In transnational meetings, time will be given to work on the different systems of accreditation, quality, dissemination in each of the cities where FORTH will take place: Manila, Iloilo, Davao, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

FORTH is expected to: Inspire A growth in the motivation of people in the project areas : teachers, children and young people, parents and the entire community.

A critical mass of teachers called to work in these crucial areas to really make a change. A number of clusters where learning and reflection take place and where authentic material is elaborated to be shared and further developed.

A model of a pioneering experience of collaboration between sectors and countries An academic program to be transformed into an Internationl Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Program between Universities of the Philippines and Europe.

A focal point for research and innovation in this specific field and a reference point for other regions of the world.