Transnational Training of Trainers (TTT3)

ONLINE, 19-22 MARCH 2021

By: Ricver P. Ureta, PhD (University of St. La Salle)

The TTT3 scheduled to be held in Manila was cancelled because of the pandemic. An alternative TTT3 online was configured. On March 19-22. 2021, a virtual Third Transnational Training of Trainers (TTT3) with full participation of all partners in the Philippines and in Europe was held. The first of its kind, being executed virtually via simultaneous online discussion, chat rooms, and virtual plenary sessions through the bbcollab app, a thorough step by step preparation for months preceded this online four-day session. From Groningen, Netherlands, Brussels, Belgium, Bologna, Italy, Bilbao and Madrid Spain, the European partners were connected with the Philippine partners gathered in four different islands and five cities of the archipelago. Because of pandemic restrictions, non-university partners had to connect individually wherever they were located in the Philippines.

To anchor the smooth flow of each day’s online agenda, the Academic Director gave the objective overview and the expected outcomes each day that were reviewed at the end of each day session . A Master of Ceremony chosen by each Forth university facilitated the day’s agenda. Following health codes, university teams gathered in their respective universities to connect online. All protocols for a physical meeting were followed online with each university in charge of each task. For this TTT, included in the opening greetings was the Head of Cooperation of the EU delegation in the Philippines.

In Day One after the initial ceremonies, a brief moment of silence was given in memory of our deceased colleague, Dr. Danilo Galarion of USeP. Significant updates and reports from TTT2 tasks were shared and these are the following:
(1) the results of the survey on the climate of FORTH Meetings and Partner Interaction (Dr. Edurne Bartolome, Deusto)
(2) the results of survey of those teaching in challenged areas on specifics on contexts and challenges (Dr. Emma Melgarejo, EDIW)
This would inform the choice of topics of online trainings throughout the pandemic,
(3) presentation on elements from which FORTH Quality Assurance would be based Dr. (Dr.Julia Maria Gonzalez, EDIW)
(4) update on Midterm Report and objectives yet to be completed (Dr. Maria Yarosh, Groningen)
(5) update on the status of the application for the TCA major. Atty. Lily Freida Milla, Director of the International Affairs Service of CHED
announced the approval of the TCA to be implemented in three of the FORTH universities with the other two pending approval when they are ready to offer the major.

In Day Two, March 20, the highlights were: (1) universities reporting on the BA program; and on the MA-TCA major; (2) presentation of the analysis of quantitative research on motivation (Dr. Edurne Bartolome) (3) intra-university meetings by group to discuss the implications of research results on staff development and marketing; and (4) an interactive plenary where the results of the discussion on implications were reported and discussed.

In Day Three, March 21, focus was on Focalizing Training. Simultaneous breakout sessions of interuniversity teams deliberated on the webinar training plans, taking into consideration needs-based webinar topics, approaches, specific targeted skills, pool of experts & resource persons, duration, and dynamics of the webinars. The afternoon of the third day consisted of a presentation of outputs per topic, followed by a Q & A exchange and commentaries from the EU partners. After the closing and wrap-up for Day Three, one member from each topic was sent to a meeting to prepare the consolidated training plan for all topics.

In Day 4 March 22 it was devoted to the presentation of a chart with consolidated training, dates, topics, methodologies, and suggested speakers. Six series of webinars were planned on the following topics: Reading Literacy; Numeracy, Cultural Communication; Interpersonal Communication, Motivation and Teacher Profile and lastly, Creating Professional Learning Communities. Each cluster university as well as non-university partners acting as one group, chose the topic of the webinar it would be responsible to facilitate. The highlight of the last day of TTT3 is the simultaneous breakout sessions per university on the planned implementation of each webinar after TTT3.

As part of the wrap-up session, participants were invited to type in a word or a phrase on chat to describe their TTT3 experience. The Third Transnational Training of Trainers was officially concluded and adjourned by Dr. Robert Wagenaar, who delivered the closing remarks. TTT3 was adjourned on March 2, 2021 at 1:15 PM (6.15 CET).

TTT 3 ended with the drawing up of plans for the series of webinar training, taking into consideration needs-based webinar topics, approaches, specific targeted skills, pool of experts & resource persons, duration, and dynamics of the webinars. There was a lively and spirited exchange of commentaries with the EU partners and the consolidated training plan for all topics was designed. The spirits were kept high with the anticipated European study tour originally scheduled in November of 2021.