Send-Off Program in Manila, Philippines

The closing and send-off program was an event that marked the culmination of the project. With a grand gathering of important personalities from the Philippines and Europe as well as stakeholders who are instrumental in the fruition of the project, the event at Savoy Hotel in Pasay City on March 23, 2022 showcased the important outputs and milestones pre-pandemic, during, and post pandemic. It was a testament to the products of everybody whose hard work, commitment and dedication to the project will leave a lasting contribution to the field of education.

A series of activities followed, including visits on March 24 to Centro Escolar University and PUP and their Manila partner schools and communities, March 25 in USLS Bacolod, March 26 at an Aeta community in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, March 27 in WVSU, and March 28 and 29 in USeP Davao and its partner community for a project called “Education behind bars.

In sum, the efforts of the institutions in this endeavor paved way for the popularization and recognition of the project not only in the Philippines but also in neighboring countries in the ASEAN region, United States, and Europe.